VCOMSYS founder Dharmesh Patel, Has over 2 decades of hands on experience in product Marketing, Sales and Business Development. He brings long a broad spectrum of industry experience such as Wholesale of Gem stones & Diamonds, Whole sale & Retail Jewelry and IT services.

During his long career he has developed an understanding that anyone can sell, but understanding that customers are people first, you have to offer more than just product or service, customers’ needs commitment, confidence and reliability to partner with a company for long term partnership.

Along the way he has kept himself updated with tools of the trade such as Web Design, Web Development, Online Marketing and Social Media Marketing, which his customer can benefit when he combines his real world experience in designing & developing websites that are functional, easy to use, and supports marketing efforts.

We provide tailored web solutions that matches
your business requirements exactly.


If you have any projects or need help updating your exisiting website, please contact us for a free consultation, Please use the from below and we will call you back as soon as possible.